Jamie Foxx apologizes to Miley for that chlamydia thing

Jamie Foxx was a guest on Jay Leno last night promoting his upcoming film The Soloist where he publicly apologized for telling Miley to get a gum transplant, make a sex tape with her dad, smoke crack, shoot heroin and catch chlamydia from a bicycle seat on his Sirius radio show.

Usher takes back his Chris Brown comment

After Usher saw photos of Chris Brown riding jet skis without a care in the world, he said he was “a little disappointed” and Chris should “have a little remorse, man.” In a statement released Tuesday he says he takes it back.

Chris Brown issues an apology

On Sunday, a week after he turned himself over to authorities, Chris Brown released a statement saying he was “sorry and saddened” about what happened between him and Rihanna last week and that he’s seeking counseling.

Sharon Stone is sorry

Sharon Stone issued an apology for saying China must have deserved the devastating earthquake that hit them because their government isn’t nice.