Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo?

The National Ledger is reporting Tony Romo wanted a break from Carrie Underwood because he’s seeing Jessica Simpson and not because he wants to focus on football season.

Ted Casablanca of E! online claims that Jess already may be making her move. “Tony invited (Jessica) to Dallas, and she’s going,” an insider claimed. “Of course, he doesn’t want Carrie to find out.” The spy says they’re already spending lots of time together, as in entire weekends.

Of course, this is all a ruse to hide the real reason for the break-up. Tony Romo is gay for Mr. Goodbar. Those peanuts in smooth milk chocolate are enough to make any man crazy with desire. Plus, no one would date the guy who botched a potentially game winning field goal by dropping the snap and then getting tackled before he could reach the end zone (video below, old and still embarrassing).

Now that I think about it, these two are perfect for each other.

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Sarah P
Sarah P
16 years ago

Oh, disgusting. She should NOT be eating right now.. especially in public.

16 years ago

He should stick with Carrie. Jessica has a lot of problems and is probably very annoying. Carrie (at least up till now) seems to be fairly normal.

16 years ago

Jessica is kinda like a little piggy. Cute, but wouldn’t want to have sex with her.