Lindsay is a sex maniac

Another jilted Lindsay Lohan lover has gone to the press about how he had sex with the freckled one less than six hours after they met. A drummer by the name of Alessandro diNunzio was one of three men Lindsay hooked up with during her stay in Capri. Alessandro explains,

First she invited him to a gala dinner and DEMANDED he kiss her. Then she led him back to her hotel room. And less than six hours after they they met she suddenly STRIPPED off all her clothes and treated him to a night of naked red-hot lust. He grinned: “Lindsay was very, very good and surprisingly experienced. She wanted to do everything, every position. She was extremely flexible and adventurous.”

“She was wearing mismatched under-wear–a black bra with emerald green French knickers. But they came off too. Naked, she took my breath away. Lindsay is stunning. Her body is absolutely perfect. Flawless.

Making a sexy story even sexier, Alessandro goes on to tell News of the World,

He then discovered he had not been the only object of Lindsay’s affections at the festival. She was caught snogging Italian actor Eduardo Costa at her hotel a few hours before making love to Alessandro.

And soon after he left her bed, she was smooching with long-haired local thespian Dario Faiella, the son of music legend Peppino di Capri. She spent the next two nights with him.

Gutted Alessandro said: “I don’t think I will see her again now that I have learned that she was seeing other guys at the same time as she was seeing me.

Like a used condom Alessandro is. Discarded. Never to be used again. Poor guy. Now the only memories he has of that night are monthly outbreaks and Valtrex prescriptions. How does that saying go? We’ll always have… that burning sensation? I think that’s it.

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15 years ago

this girl is gross. I gues she was raised that opening your legs to anyone is how you will get someone to like you.
she needs serious guidance from people that will watch out for her.

15 years ago

You really think she cares if these dudes like her the way she’s hopping form 1 d#ck to the next?

Smut Dogg
15 years ago

i’ll f**k her lil ass!!!