Corrected: Maggie Q pics released as ninth suspect arrested


If you’ve been following this thing at all, you’ll know this Edison Chen thing has gone on for two weeks or so. Gillian Chung finally made her first public appearance today telling everybody that she was naive and foolish. Meanwhile, Hong Kong police say they’ve captured a ninth suspect. Apparently, Hong Kong police are a lot like the LAPD because they can’t get anything right. Even as the ninth suspect remains in custody, the oft sought after pictures of Maggie Q are being slowly released. This message was posted before Gillian made her appearance.

Today is the day when Gill will meet the fans for the first time after the scandal. I wanted to release her vid at the same time. However, due to a certain reason, I was not able to. Now I decide to release 3 vids at 3:00 am. The content are 1. the original video of the pre-released photos, and 2. some new materials that haven’t been shown in the photos before.

Be Patient!!!!!!

PS: Stop arresting the scapegoats. If you’re capable enough, come get me!

The Maggie Q pictures seem genuine and the picture kind of confirms it’s from Edison Chen’s collection. [Correction: See below] Other rumors circulating are that even Jackie Chan plays some sort of role in the leaked video tapes. Police may be trying to downplay this because Jackie is doing the torch passing ceremony at the Beijing Olympics. Which brings me to my point. Jackie Chan is awesome. He bangs a lot of chicks and knows martial arts. It’s like every 12-year-old’s wet dream.

Apparently, the pics are just from promos for Edison’s clothing line. Does this mean Kira is caught? [Thanks Lace!] I haven’t been in this much suspense since I remembered I was lactose intolerant after drinking a gallon of milk.

Maggie Edison

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