I was bamboozled

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton was earlier seen walking around with a Buddhist monk who TMZ later found out to be an actor named Maxie Santillan. Now, USA Today has discovered that Paris Hilton was in on it and this is all part of an Ashton Kutcher prank show targeting the paparazzi.

Pop Fiction, an eight-episode series, is a prank show targeting paparazzi and gullible media outlets. It’s made with the eager help of stars, who were the laughing stocks of Kutcher’s former MTV show. This time the shoe’s on the other foot, and the series has been kept so tightly under wraps that E!’s own website fell victim to the Hilton hoax and other planted stories that producers won’t yet divulge.

I may have been tricked by Paris Hilton, but I can rest easy knowing that she’s still a retard. And isn’t that all that matters? A sense of superiority over the rich and famous? Without that I’d be just another millionaire playboy banging supermodels on private jets. Instead, I’m a millionaire playboy who bangs supermodels on private jets and is also smarter than Paris Hilton. I’m special.

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