Because she gave him herpes?

Chris Brown turned himself over to the cops yesterday after he allegedly punched Rihanna. While it’s still not confirmed it was Rihanna, the two were seen leaving a pre-Grammys party in a silver Lamborghini; 5 miles from where the altercation occured. Brown is currently out on bail.

A security guard at Cedars-Sinai Medical told the NYDN that he witnessed Rihanna being brought in for treatment. She has since been released.

Reasons for the argument are also unknown, but an insider claims Rihanna was arguing with Brown about checking out other women at the party. Meanwhile, other sources tell Bossip that Brown was pissed off Rihanna gave him herpes. Either way, I guess Chris Brown got the last word in.

Here’s Rihanna arriving at the pre-Grammy party.

rihanna pre grammy arrival 01rihanna pre grammy arrival 02rihanna pre grammy arrival 03rihanna pre grammy arrival 04rihanna pre grammy arrival 05rihanna pre grammy arrival 06rihanna pre grammy arrival 07rihanna pre grammy arrival 08rihanna pre grammy arrival 09rihanna pre grammy arrival 10

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