Things missed

There is no AI conspiracy: Yesterday, Alexis Grace was kicked off the show. Thus, disproving the rumors that AI is rigged. Unless they wanted to throw us off. Those sneaky devils. P.S. The hot one made it through.

More Heath Ledger material coming out: Indie rock group Modest Mouse plans to release the last video directed by Heath Ledger for their single, King Rat. It’s about a rat who becomes king or it could be not related to rats at all. I don’t know. What do I look like, an encyclopedia?

It’s not Kanye’s fault: A group called STOParazzi claims it was the photog’s fault that Kanye grabbed his camera and smashed it to the ground on September 11 of last year. They reason that celebrities no longer have privacy due to a mysterious man known as “The Party Crasher” who illegally sells private passenger manifests to outlets like TMZ. They vow to take down this “Party Crasher” turning the tables and making it his party that will be crashed. Muahaha. Muahahahaha.

John Mayer’s penis fell asleep: John Mayer has male genitalia?

Tom Sizemore is a master thief: Tom Sizemore stole a bunch of cell phones from a Verizon Wireless store in LA last week. To add insult to injury, he also made off with a pen and highlighter. He is now being investigated by the LAPD. Until then, the score is Tom Sizemore – 1, Verizon Wireless – 0. Eat it VZW.

T.R. Knight can’t drive: T.R. Knight collided with another car as he was going eastbound on Hollywood Blvd. and the other car was going westbound. Knight was protected by his celebrity shield while the passengers in the other car were not as lucky (they weren’t famous). They, a man and woman, were taken to the hospital.

Mask is not at fault: Carl “Mask” Lewis, who died in a car crash last week, was neither drunk nor was he street racing when his Ferrari was hit sending it into a pole and splitting it in half thereby killing him. The other driver in the Porsche, however, might have been doing both (drinking and street racing). Fate is funny that way.

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