Lindsay Lohan involved in $2 million worth of missing jewelry

XIV Karats lent Lindsay Lohan $2 million worth of jewelry two months ago. However, it looks like they’re not getting them back. Lindsay says they just so happened to be in the safe that was “stolen“. XIV is not pleased.

“The jewels were in Lindsay’s care and they were only on a loaner, they were expected to be returned. If something is not resolved soon there will be legal action taken.”

Lindsay’s rep denies this and Michael Lohan said, “Lindsay didn’t take anything from them. They lent her jewelry and she has to give it back to them. That’s all I know. She has no intention of keeping any of it. So I guess they’re sorting it out.”

XIV obviously doesn’t read the news. If they did, they would have read that other jewelry has gone missing around Lindsay. They would have also read about how she’s broke, can’t get a job and pawns stuff for money. In addition, they would have read how sapphires and diamonds look fabulous on me and maybe realized that it was I who should have been lent a pair of gold bracelets or a diamond heart pendant. You think Lindsay can pull that off better than me?! Uh-uh, girlfriend.

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