Lindsay Lohan is on the prowl

Lindsay Lohan was spotted with the still married Balthazar Getty sneaking into the backdoor of Voyeur in West Hollywood. A clubgoer said they were “all over each other at a table in the front of the room.” They left a half an hour later. Presumably to “do it”.

As you may remember, Balthazar Getty was last seen on a balcony with a topless Sienna Miller. This is a marked step down for Getty. At least Sienna still has a career. Sienna’s mouth probably tastes like an ashtray with a hint of wealth and leftover dick. Lindsay’s mouth tastes like that too, except without the hint of wealth.

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14 years ago

Oh my I think I’m going to throw up after seeing her in court, her pro-creating with other people gives me the willies. Plus it makes Mr. Pee-Pee sad in my pants for looking at her.

14 years ago

Ewwww she looks nasty WTF happened to lil red headed girl with freckles n pig tails. Nasty Lindsay you should be ashamed of yourself. Your washed up!