Pay Lindsay her money or she’ll scream

Lindsay Lohan is so broke that she has to scam stores out of $15,000 worth of free clothes and accessories which she’ll probably pawn off for cold, hard cash. FOX says Lindsay initially agreed to a $500 store credit at Kitson, which she bargained up to $1,000, for showing up to the launch of Jermaine Dupri and jewelry designer Pascal Mouaward’s new watch line “NuPop”.

Going through the store like a whirlwind of terror, Lindsay eventually ran up a $1,500 bill exceeding the $1,000 limit. Lohan cried and whined that “Pascal would take care of it because I’m the only celebrity here.” Pop Tarts disagrees with that statement as Dupri, Bridget Marquardt and Gretchen Rossi were also there. Lindsay finally broke Pascal down after stomping around like a spoiled brat. Her spending limit was raised to $2,000.

“Pascal said no, so she went and started talking smack about him to Jermaine Dupri who doesn’t even know her,” said an insider. “He was totally bewildered and couldn’t believe it. Eventually Pascal said she could have $2000 to spend but that was the absolutely limit.”

An absolutely distraught Lohan then tried to bargain with the Kitson staffer that was helping her through the store and insist that the boutique should let her take the remaining items for free. In exchange, she offered to “come in the next day and carry bags out so the paps could take shots.”

“The owner (Fraser Ross) couldn’t be reached so they told Lindsay just to take the $2000 worth and come in the next day and speak with him about the rest,” said our source.

What an offer! Lindsay will show up the next day to walk out of the store with more bags so paparazzi can photograph her. Too bad that won’t garner the same amount of attention that it would have five years ago. Considering everyone hated Lindsay’s new clothing line and she now dresses like a crack whore, she’ll hardly be thought of as a fashion icon. Paying a bum to ransack your store of $2,000 worth of items would have the same effect. It might even be better since the bum will probably leave less disease on the merchandise.

Here’s Lindsay at the NuPop event last week. You can see how store owners would jump at the chance to have Lindsay peddle their wares.

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12 years ago

actually she exceeding the $1,000 limit trying to leave with 15.OOO they don’t let her do it so she start the fuckery and they let her out with 2.000

12 years ago

She’s going downhill fast with no brakes. Now, if I was this “Pascal” fellow, I’d say “$1500 not good enough? Maybe $0 is better.” Then kick that diseased butt of hers outta my store.

12 years ago

Her nails are dirty.

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