Par for the course

Back in 2007, Kim Kardashian denied rumors that she was ever in a sex tape and hence it was impossible for it to be shopped around by Ray J because it didn’t exist. We all know how that turned out. The tape was released by Vivid soon after and it was rumored Kim actively participated in the sale. One thing that was never proven, however, was the rumor that Ray J gave Kim a golden shower. Either the footage didn’t exist or it was cut out as part of Kim’s deal to release it. Although, it’s hard not to believe the latter when reports say she was peed on again. She wrote on her site:

I stopped by Katalyst while Ashton Kutcher was filming! They had this little monkey that the magician, Dynamo, made appear! I thought he was really cute at first, but then he peed on me!! Ashton said the monkey had pooped on him, so I didn’t feel too bad, haha. Gross little monkey! This magician was amazing, though. He did the craziest card tricks!

Kim seems really into that stuff. It follows that if you ever run into her, you should shake her hand, give her a little hug and then pee on her. It’s customary.

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