Of course Tila Tequila had a miscarriage

Sad news, people. Tila Tequila’s fake baby is fake gone after a fake miscarriage. I shed a few fake tears when I heard. In an email exchange between Tila and someone pretending to be from a magazine (via ONTD), the editor said they were concerned about working with her because she’s 15 months pregnant. Tila replied that she had a miscarriage after getting that concussion and having a metal chair fall on her belly and that she can do the shoot now. Yay! Funny how things just work out. Tila wrote:

“So as of right now, after the unfortunate accident last night with my head concussion and miscarriage, I am no longer pregnant. Please don’t announce to the media that I lost my baby. It’s something very private to heartbreaking to me and I don’t need the media to poke fun of someone who just lost her baby. I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE THAT. BUT I AM STILL GOING TO KEEP TRYING TO HAVE ANOTHER BABY OR JUST ADOPT ONE.”

When fake editor said they wanted to go with Lady Gaga, Tila had reiterated:

“with that said, I told you in my other email that I AM NOT PREGNANT! Due to my accident last night, mild brain concussion, and steal [sic] metal falling into my belly, the doctors told me that it killed my baby. Blood all over the place. I am devastated that my baby has died at only 15 weeks. So with your question, am I pregnant? NO. NOT ANYMORE!”

That Tila Tequila sure is resilient. She just had a miscarriage on Saturday and just flew to Australia yesterday to do some TV work for MTV. No time off or anything.

Not only that, but considering how there was blood everywhere, Tila remained levelheaded and only tweeted about how she hit her head making no mention of the murder scene that lay before her. So brave.

[Beverly Hills, January 28. Images via Fame. E-mail via here.]

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11 years ago

Medically, it is an impossibilty due to how far along she was in her pregnancy, for her to miscarry without being taken into a hospital (usually must be scheduled w/i a few days) to have what is termed a “D&C”… This must be the final straw to break the back on every camel alive in this ever created world in regrads to her lies and fabricated story telling. Not one person young, old, smart or dumb could ever believe this person after this… She is clearly calling every fan an idiot to their faces by trying to get this one… Read more »

11 years ago

what an idiot…freakin whore!!!

11 years ago

Oh LOOK! she’s using a tiny camera! LOVE YOU Tila! muah fart potty poop vomit

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