The post in which Lindsay defends herself

The Cannes Film Festival ended on Sunday. Lindsay Lohan arrived back at LAX Saturday night. What a coincidence that it took Lindsay almost until the end of Cannes to get a temporary passport back to the States. Almost as if it was planned. That’s clearly a conspiracy theory though. Much like the photo of Lindsay with cocaine.

Up top is Lindsay being interviewed by an emotionless robot reading cue cards. Most of the video is Lindsay saying everything you’ve heard is a lie. Lindsay says she was in Cannes to promote her Linda Lovelace film and not party. She also said she went so far as to go to the Indian embassy (huh?) to get a new passport. Then at the end when she’s asked about missing her brother’s graduation, she sort of whispers to herself before answering. Maybe she was consulting the voices in her head. That’s usually what I do when a cute girl talks to me. Although, the voices in my head are never helpful because the cute girl always walks away with a concerned look on her face.

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12 years ago

Send her to prison already.