Christina Aguilera Really Let Herself Go

I didn’t realize to what extent Christina Aguilera let herself go until she performed at the American Music Awards. Most event pictures only show one side of her with no perspective. However, during her performance with Maroon 5, we got a 360 degree view with a lot of perspective. Dear lord, it looks like she’s been pumping gravy in her veins through in iv.

“Friends” of Christina say she “loves her curves” which is an obvious lie because Hollywood gives women a body image issue card upon entry to LA. Her friend says “she’s a Latina woman with curves and since when is it not ok to have curves?”

Oh really? Are we going there? Now that Christina is fat we can’t call her out on it because she calls them “curves” and real women have them?

Not only that but her people have the balls to spin her tight dress at the AMAs as something she did on purpose to set an example “for women and young girls, especially Latinas. She’s very proud of her curves. Christina thinks she is a good role model — not everyone is super skinny and she wants girls to embrace their body type.”

True. Not everyone is super skinny but you know who was super skinny? Christina Aguilera. But I guess she purposely put on weight just so all the fat little Latinas of the world would have a voice. My, what a selfless hero. Here I thought her years of partying finally caught up to her.

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