Amanday Bynes Involved in Another Hit and Run

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s happened to Amanda Byne this past year.

  • On March 17, Amanda Bynes was seen leaving a bar looking drunk. She drove away in her Range Rover.
  • On March 22, Amanda Bynes was seen leaving a club looking drunk and driving away in a black Range Rover with her friends.
  • On April 6, Amanda Bynes crashed into a cop car and was arrested for DUI.
  • On April 10, Amanda Bynes slammed into a car on the 101 freeway and ran a red light trying to get away from the person she hit.
  • On April 12, Amanda Bynes went back to Greystone Manor, the same place she drove off drunk from in March, and backed her BMW over a curb while texting behind the wheel.
  • On May 4, Amanda Bynes sideswiped a car with her Range Rover and drove off. She had no idea she had hit someone.

Fast forward to this weekend. You’ll never guess what happened. A Los Angeles woman filed a police report claiming Amanda Bynes rear-ended her and drove off without exchanging insurance information because Amanda said the damage was minimal.

The woman, Kisa, says she was driving her Toyota Corolla down Ventura Blvd. when a black BMW hit her from behind. She didn’t recognize the driver at first because she “looked like a hot mess” but realized it was Amanda once they started talking.

Kisa went to get her insurance card which made Bynes nervous. Amanda told Kisa the damage to her Corolla didn’t look bad and PUSHED HER BUMPER BACK IN PLACE. It didn’t work. Bynes told Kisa they didn’t need to exchange information because damage was minimal on both cars. Kisa claims Amanda’s car had “significant damage.” Kisa tried again to get Amanda’s info but Amanda got in her car and drove away.

Kisa called the cops who took a hit and run report. The cop even said, “Didn’t she just get a DUI?”

The part about pushing the bumper back on is the best part. What? Damage? No. These cars are like Legos. All you have to do is give it some elbow grease and it’ll snap back into place. *Crunching sounds* See? All better. Gotta go!

If anything, this chick should have had her license taken away months ago. Yet, she still has it. Why? Clearly because Obama intervened on her behalf.

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