Lindsay Lohan Leaves Town After Jewelry Theft

After being questioned by police in regards to a burglary during a sleepover at a Hollywood Hills mansion, Lindsay Lohan immediately flew off to New York. Reports say the house owner believes the two men who stole the jewelry were guests of Lindsay.

What better way to throw suspicion off yourself than to leave town before the cops can ask any more questions like “how do you know those two men you brought along with you?” Naturally, this can only help Lindsay’s reputation as a thief.

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Michael Prymula
9 years ago

Victor, you’re a dumbass! Lindsay planned this trip for weeks, she has several business meetings in NY to attend to, she didn’t “flee” because of getting questioned or anything likethat.

Herman Bumfudle
Herman Bumfudle
9 years ago

what a beautiful cat burglar. i’m thinking about buying some jewelry. guess what happens if you get caught! and you will be caught, more than once! now, bend over, spread em #nightstick 9 tenths of the law!

Please OD already
Please OD already
9 years ago

Trash chills with Trash

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