Lindsay Lohan Scared Straight, Heading to Court

Lindsay Lohan got her doctor to write her a fancy note to get out of her hearing on Wednesday claiming she had an upper respiratory infection. Mark Heller presented the note and an article about a flue epidemic in New York to the judge and everything was going as planned until TMZ stepped in and ruined everything. They just had to go and post pictures of Lindsay on a shopping spree the day she was diagnosed with the infection. They speculated that the judge could issue a warrant for her arrest if he thinks she’s lying.

Lindsay apparently crapped her pants when she read that because she flew out to LA Tuesday night. Not only did she book it to LA, but she’s fully aware of the terrible mistake (oh, just one?) she made and is begging Shawn Holley to take her back. Holley, however, is said to be done with Lindsay for good. You can consider that bridge burned and the earth beneath it salted. The only way this relationship could get any worse is if Lindsay kicked her in the vagina.

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