Cameron Diaz Doesn’t Care About Your Pubic Hair

If you were hoping Cameron Diaz would be your full bush advocate, you will be sorely disappointed. Diaz explained what she really meant by the section in her book titled In Praise of Pubes. She wasn’t saying you should have a bush so full that when people part it they wonder if they’re about to go to Narnia. She was saying it’s your choice and it’s good to have choice which is why you should think twice about permanently lasering off your pubes.

‘I didn’t say what I prefer, I just said pubic hair has a purpose,’ she begins. ‘You can do what you want with it, I don’t care – you can shave it off every day, wax it off every day, turn it into a bonsai – I don’t care.

‘I just said consider maybe not removing it permanently and forever with laser treatment. Forever is forever and when we make those choices for our body we have to live with them forever.’

There you have it. Cameron Diaz has a pube bonsai. Trimming it is her way of relaxing after a hard day’s work.

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