Amy Schumer — So Baller She Can Pour Grey Goose on Her Friend’s Feet

Amy Schumer is now the IT comedian/female star of the moment. Trainwreck‘s coming out and that’s gonna put her in J. Law salary territory. Ok, maybe not $20m like Jennifer Lawrence, but certainly a lot of money. And, hey, that girl can “catch a dick” anytime she wants. Sooo…kudos to her. She does awesome things like diving in front of Kanye on the red carpet or making a college student very happy.

Just be careful because Schumer might water your feet with some Grey Goose. Schumer Instagrammed a video of her dumping Grey Goose vodka straight onto her friend’s feet. That was like a 4 second pour. Seeing as how they got a table, let’s say that was a $30 shot? And they say we’re in a drought. Whatevs.

Vodka feet

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Nice to see Schumer can waste fancy Grey Goose vodka while most everyone in life drinks well. Some of us can’t even afford well. I’d happily suck the vodka off her friend’s toes. And not just because I’m thirsty for vodka.

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