Special Idiot With Devil Horns and ‘F**k Cops’ Face Tats Will Make You Feel Better About Your Choices

After erroneously asserting that I had found my favorite mug shot of the year in Rohinie Bisear, consider this my formal retraction.

Meet Sir Paul Terry of Oklahoma. Dipshit number 1 of 2 who robbed a man in his own home, wearing absolutely no disguise.

I mean… if Mr. Terry were walking down the street sans tattoos, I wouldn’t bat an eye. Another guy who looks like he’s had a rough go of it. But his tattoos make him a special kind of idiot. The kind I get to write about. The kind of special idiot I get to tell you about. I like these special idiots because they remind me that I haven’t hit rock bottom yet. I’m close, but I’m not face tat close.

His faded ‘F**k Cops’ basement tattoo is easily recognizable as the international symbol of ‘I want to have a really good time in prison’ because cops respond really well to criticism. Via Oklahoma’s

Police say a man was inside his residence about 5 p.m. when his ex-girlfriend, Soro, and Terry knocked on his door. When he opened the door, he said the two forced their way inside and demanded money or they would stab him.

The man told police he retrieved his wallet and handed it to Terry, then Terry took the wallet and left, according to an arrest report.

Easy ID. 

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