Manhunt For Man Who Shoved a Bag of S**t Down a Woman’s Pants Continues

I’m guessing this weird dude was white because if he was black, a cop would have shot him in the head and twerked on his corpse for fun already. From The Daily Mail

NYPD detectives are hunting a man who shoved a bag packed with feces down a woman’s pants during a bizarre attack in Manhattan.

The 27-year-old victim was walking near 74th Street and First Avenue at 6pm on Monday when the assailant approached her from the rear.

Who the f**k carries bags of s**t around? What’s going in NYC? I have so many questions.

Shockingly, after stuffing the bag containing feces down the woman’s pants, he then grabs his victim’s buttocks before running off.

Like it wasn’t already fucking weird.

The woman was talking on her cellphone at the time of the bizarre assault.

Get off your phones kids. Take your nose out of your iPhone and be prepared to have a weird guy cram s**t down your drawers.

The man was wearing gloves, which he threw away moments after the attack.

Now they’ll never be able to get fingerprints off that s**t.

He is around 40 years old, six feet tall, and weighs about 200 pounds, according to NBC New York.

If he hadn’t grabbed her ass this would almost be poetic. I’m kind of upset.

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7 years ago

Did you even click the dailymail link you provided in your article? There is video of the guy shoving the s**t down her pants. Not a white guy

7 years ago

wtf is wrong people, seriously…?

7 years ago

F**k you, Isadora, you’re white too. Give it the f**k up.