The Rock Makes Next Logical Step Toward World Domination With New YouTube Channel

The Dwayne. The Rock. The Johnson.

To be real I am 100% ready to accept The Rock’s complete domination of all life. Maybe he can save us from this hell.

From High Snobiety:

The man mountain and legendary ex-wrestler launched this new venture in partnership with his and Dany Garcia’s Seven Bucks Productions and Studio71. Studio71 is affiliated with a bevy of huge YouTube stars, including Lilly Singh, aka ||Superwoman||, who appears alongside The Rock in his first video.

I am pumped for this. All The Rock. All The time. That’s my motto.

The launch video, titled “YouTube Factory,” features Lily Singh showing The Rock how all the very best Youtube videos are made. It’s far from the DIY, studio-in-a-bedroom method you might imagine, however, as Singh takes him on a tour of  the supposed recording rooms deep underneath the Pacific Ocean. It’s a joke, of course, and even though it’s not a very funny one, the sheer amount of other digital stars appearing in the video (including Markiplier, Grace Helbig, Flula Borg, King Bach, Roman Atwood and Gigi Gorgeous) will ensure its success.

And honestly, it is really really very not funny, but The Rock will out. He’ll get his s**t together. If his Instagram gold like this:

Or this:

If these Instagrams are anything to go by, he’ll figure it out. Check out his new YouTube video below.

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