The Concierge’s Account of the Kim Kardashian Robbery Doesn’t Make Any Sense

By now, it’s almost a guarantee that Kim Kardashian’s robbery was an inside job. Too many pieces seem to fall together too neatly for these criminals, but it seems the concierge could be the key to finding out what really happened.

According to reports from US Weekly, the Parisian police don’t believe a word of the concierge’s account. The unnamed staffer originally said at the time, five men dressed as policemen had buzzed the intercom and demanded to see Kardashian over some urgent matters. He then opened the door and was met with a gun in his face.

Responding to their demands and the deadly weapon pointed at his cranium, the concierge led the assailants to the apartment rented by Kim and Kanye West. Opening the door with a single key, he was then bound and gagged before the assailants entered the residence. But that’s where it doesn’t make sense. A source reports:

What’s confusing to police is how a low-ranking night staffer had such easy key access to the VIP apartments.

Using one key is impossible. There are a number of security precautions taken for the nine VIP apartments at the Hôtel de Pourtalès. French police are convinced that someone would have had to broken down the door to have gained entrance to the estate, yet there were no signs of forced entry.

Something is very fishy.

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