Kim Kardashian Is Taking Time Off ‘Work’ After Robbery

By now we all know about Kim Kardashian’s Paris robbery and we’ve all had the time to make a joke about it. We’ve all had enough time to place blame, don a tin foil hat and place blame or rush to the defense of a hero. Kim has decided to accept your blame.

Having been robbed of over $10 million in jewels, Kim believes her overdone displays of wealth may have precipitated the theft. She no longer aims to make a target of herself and apparently has decided to take a month off to deal with the trauma. TMZ sources claim the businesswoman has said:

Material things mean nothing. It’s not all about the money. It’s not worth it.

She’ll surely lose out on some income taking some time off, but maybe gunpoint warrants a career pause.

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4 years ago

Material things mean nothing? Did she call her whole life meaningless?

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