Demi Moore Dating Tobey Maguire, Yes, She’s Older, but It’s Not That Weird

Ooh la la! Demi Moore has found herself another young man to date.

Fresh off his divorce, Tobey Maguire is reportedly now dating Demi Moore. It’s not his first time getting a little Moore, the two had a fling in 2002 before Demi ended up with Ashton.

After Demi’s divorce from Kutcher, she’s gone from boyfriend to boyfriend without much luck in keeping one around for long. It was also rumored she was devastated by the split and behaving irrationally.

But now, Demi is looking great and hopes her and Tobey will find lasting love. A source close to Demi said, “Demi is still a sexy, attractive woman, and Tobey is just her type — younger, smart and kind of goofy,” the source told Radar. “She’d like more than a hookup.”

Ms. Moore has gone through a lot lately, so if Tobey Maguire makes her happy, great. Anything to help her get over Ashton’s penis, she deserves.

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6 years ago

Older guy dates younger women, The Blemish goes nuts. Older woman dates younger guy “ohhh yaaaaay!”.
How about we all be allowed to rub genitals with whoever we like so long as we’re all consenting adults?

Gary Simpkins Jr
Gary Simpkins Jr
6 years ago

hey id love to have my arm around Demi and her wearing my wedding Ring,