People Who Don’t Fear Death Are Passive Aggressively Reviewing Ivanka Trump’s Shoe Brand On Amazon

This is pretty much right on schedule.

The only person that wants Donald Trump to be president less than most of the world is Donald Trump. And the internet is having a great time with it while the internet is still legal.

America has been pissing all over Mango Mussolini and his homunculus family for a year now. No one likes his weird sons, his wife who always looks like she’s seen you somewhere but can’t remember where, or his daughter he’s probably fucking.

People are tearing Ivanka’s shoe brand apart on Amazon with reviews like:

“These boots are perfectly designed to trample on fellow Americans’ Civil Rights Day or Night.”


“They are made in a sweatshop by child labor in a foreign country because that’s called being smart.”


“I was feeling way over confident and I needed to be put in my place. These ill-fitting boots are a perfect reminder that I should be seen, admired for my womanly “virtues”, rated in a scale from 1-10, and occasionally grabbed by my kitty cat.”

Just say pussy. Let’s be real here Kindergarten cop.

“They are so constricting that they sent me to the podiatrist, whom I could not pay, having lost my healthcare. My mom offered to pay, but she has lost her social security and now lives in an alley behind a deli off Lex.”


“Both boots for some reason are right. One is marked as extremely right, the other as alt-right, though they look the same to me. Just bizarre.”


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