Lindsay Lohan Lost Part Of Herself And Is Now A Refugee

Lindsay Lohan is trying to really hard to stay relevant. She’s pushing for a Mean Girls 2 sequel (which, admittedly, would be awesome), she’s talking with a fake accent, and now she’s saying dumb things.

“Losing half of my finger and getting it back was one of the best things that happened to me…If that didn’t happen to me, if I didn’t lose a part of myself essentially — and I weirdly think about this when I meditate — I wouldn’t have stayed in Turkey. I wouldn’t have stayed there, and I wouldn’t have understood what it feels like to lose a limb.”

Oh no, she lost part of her finger. AND IMMEDIATELY GOT IT BACK! Somehow, this made her relate to refugees. I don’t think she knows the definition of “refugees.” Maybe she’s thinking of the Fugees? They all went solo for awhile, much like Lindsay’s finger, and then got back together. That makes way more sense.

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