Now That Lindsay Lohan Is Muslim, Will Trump Have To Deport Her?

She’s rich and white so probably not, but I can dream.

Lindsay Lohan, who has talked a lot about identifying with Islam for somebody who has admittedly never actually read the Koran, did some revamping on her Instagram.

She deleted all of her posts and replaced her bio with the phrase “Alaikum Salam.” This Arabic greeting means “Peace be unto you.”

Muslim Twitter is accepting her. Which is nice of them. If Lindsay Lohan was tryna join my clique ,I would be a lot more mocking about it. Though she has been doing humanitarian work in Turkey and in the Middle East. Maybe I should stop dragging up all that s**t about her drunken racist bar rants and be as accepting as them.

Damn, am I the only bitter Western post ironic meme loving f**k out here that thinks this is a stunt to sell Vitamin Water somehow?

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7 years ago

1) She didn’t convert
2) She hasn’t lived in America in nearly 4 years
3) The racist story was debunked
4) Get a real job, your skills as a reporter are tragic