Kanye West Allegedly a Wreck at New York Fashion Week

It’s no secret that Kanye West has been having a bad time lately. He’s been in a mental hospital, hanging out with Donald Trump, and supposedly Kim Kardashian is running his entire life to try and stop him from destroying himself.

It’s not going well apparently, as insiders told Radar that Kanye is feeling 0% ready for his “Yeezy Season 5′”collection to debut at New York Fashion Week, and taking it out on everyone around him in classic Kanye fashion.

“Kanye has been acting like a madman because he does not seem to think he is entirely prepared for this show.”

Kim has flown out from LA to try and run damage control, but this is Kanye we’re talking about.

“Kim told Kanye that if this is a total failure that he just really needs to stop doing fashion and focus on something else!”

Considering he’s basically the punching bag of the fashion world, he should probably bow out and leave cutting up tan spandex to whoever the f**k actually does that.

No one.

Apparently, the Kardashian-Jenner Axis of Evil is just as excited about the event as the fashion world, and attending it the same way you attend the Barbie-themed birthday party of your 8-year-old niece who speaks entirely in shrill screams.

“They are going to Kanye’s show because they have to, not because they want to. Not all of the family agreed to go, either!”


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