‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Lands Reality TV Production Deal and Your Life STILL Sucks

We’ve found the next generation of reality stars. Since the Kardashians are old, tired and no one watches them anymore, Hollywood needs new reality blood.

Enter “Cash Me Outside How Bow Dah” girl to fill the void. Danielle Bregoli lucked out and now she’s cashing in.

Bregoli just inked a deal with a TV production company to bring her life onscreen. No real details on what the show’s about. Hopefully, she’ll be contractually obligated to repeat her catchphrase at least once every show.¬†Eventually, Bregoli will have a nervous breakdown and rock silently back and forth in the corner, mumbling “how bow dah…how bow dah.”

Don’t laugh, Bregoli’s on her way to becoming a millionaire this year. She’s pulling down major coin from meet and greets. Bitch, she still wears Jordans and fucking $100 chains.

She also celebrated her birthday at Dan Tana’s Restaurant in West Hollywood where they serve $30 pasta plates.

True, a $30¬†entree isn’t that expensive until you realize it’s JUST PASTA! That s**t costs $2 for a whole pot of spaghetti.

Go kill yourself.

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7 years ago

OMG! This really isn’t happening right? I’m not watching that low-life, 13 yr old idiot! What is wrong with people putting this crap together!!!! How bow dah!!!LOL!