Ariana Grande Got a Tattoo for Manchester

Ariana Grande, whose Manchester concert was marred by a cowardly suicide bomber that took innocent children’s lives, wanted to let everyone there know that they were still on her mind. She returned to the city and visited kids in the hospital. Then, she organized the “One Love Manchester” concert that featured herself, Katy Perry, Coldplay, Black Eyed Peas and other performers.

While she was there, she was said to have had a tattoo artist put a worker bee on her. That would definitely be a permanent reminder for her of what was lost… and what was gained.

She posted the whole concert on her YouTube channel:

If that’s the case, she’s far from the only one. Apparently the bee tattoo, which is a symbol of the city’s hardworking ethos, goes back to the Industrial Age.

Here are a couple from people who’ve gotten them.

She hasn’t shown any photos of her own tattoo, but chances are good that we’ll see it in the not-too-distant future.

While it’s easy to be suspicious of things like this, especially since celebrities can be quite cold and calculating sometimes when it comes to figuring out ways to boost their public image, this seems genuine from Grande. The fact that young children, kids that should have been able to consider a concert a safe haven, were among the dead, had to have been eating at her.

Now, she’ll have something to remind herself that love and strength can beat hate any day.

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