Elon Musk Makes Dick Joke

Wow. Who would ever have thought that a rocket ship could be used as a phallic symbol? OK, everybody in the world, I guess, including Elon Musk.  A lot of the people making these references tend to be nerdy engineers who don’t have much experience with the opposite gender. Hell, they have a hard time even talking to each OTHER half the time.

Someone had asked about the size of the Falcon 9.

So, it wasn’t a surprise that Elon Musk helped keep that stereotype alive when he made a dick joke about the Space X rocket.

Hmmm… “the way you use it”… I wonder what on EARTH (or possibly orbiting it) this guy is talking about. Well, if he was trying to show that engineers are socially-stunted people, he did a good job of it. Of course, it spawned a whole bunch of silly replies, all of which centered around male genitalia.

While it’s not like a totally hostile work environment… that would be Uber… it’s still showing a frat boy mindset on his part. Actually, let’s dig down deeper. It’s more like a middle school mindset.

Now we’ll have to wait and see what gems he manages to come up with should Space X be successful.

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