‘American Horror Story’ Casts Lena Dunham in Effort to Get Show Cancelled

American Horror Story plans to get a little more horrifying in season seven as the show cast Lena Dunham to complain about everything and nag a lot.

This is a particularly confusing choice as AHS airs on FX, a cable network where nudity is not allowed. Does Lena Dunham even know how to not be naked? I was forced to watch the first episode of the latest season of Girls last night and Lena Dunham was naked 90 percent of the show. There is one scene where she decides that her vagina needs some sun, so she exposes her vagina to the sun.

The news went over great with AHS fans who are used to baffling decisions designed to piss off the fanbase.

Murphy’s tweet has 1.9K retweets and 2.4K replies. For those unfamiliar with how Twitter works, having more replies than retweets with numbers that large is a good thing approximately never.

America can’t agree whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich, but we can all agree that Lena Dunham should disappear forever.

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