Rihanna’s BF Isn’t Black Enough for Her Dad

I think craving approval from a significant other’s family is a near universal experience. There’s nothing scarier than your in-laws thinking you’re not good enough. For most of us, those fears are largely unfounded. Not the case with Rihanna’s main squeeze, Hassan Jameel.

After the stunning revelation that no, Rihanna was not in fact going steady with Drake, we all adjusted to the Hassan Jameel world. All of us that is, except for Ronald Fenty, Rihanna’s pops. So what’s Mr. Fenty’s problem with the wealthy Saudi Arabian businessman? He’s not “black enough.” Big ouch.

“I didn’t know he was a billionaire,” the esteemed Mr. Fenty told Sun Magazine. “Too little money, or too much money can’t make you happy, you need to something in-between. She told me she had a new boyfriend about a month ago, but I didn’t know who he was. I always tell her, ‘Don’t date an entertainer, don’t date an athlete.’”

Wow, it sounds like he wouldn’t be happy with Drake either. Ronald Fenty is a hard man to please. “A friend sent me [pictures] on Facebook of them kissing in the pool,” he said, which sounds like the worst possible thing a parent can say in public. Then he confessed his real problem with Jameel. It wasn’t the allegations of kidnapping or the lawsuits, it was the color of his skin.

“I was looking for someone of color, a darker color, but whatever makes her happy. He’s very tall.”

School is in in session, and Ronald Fenty is teaching us all how to throw shade. That’s got to be the most baller thing a parent has ever said about a millionaire boyfriend.

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