Emma Stone is In, Jennifer Lawrence Out

It’s good to be Emma Stone. Not only did she win an Oscar for being a bad singer in La La Land, but she was recently named the highest-paid actress in 2017. I’m not exactly sure how she was awarded this honor given that there are still four months left in 2017, but I’m sure there’s a good reason that is above my pay grade.

Stone earned $26 million this year, or about a quarter of what Daniel Craig will get for one James Bond film. She beat out Jennifer Anniston ($25.5 million) who hasn’t made a movie worth watching since, umm, ever? But continues to cash those Friends checks.

Jennifer Lawrence, who was the highest-paid actress in 2015 and 2016, finished third with $24 million. Lawrence topped last year’s list at $46 million, which means even though Stone is highest-paid this year, she still made $20 million less than Lawrence made in 2016.

Stone has spoken out on equal pay before, saying that her male co-stars have taken a pay cut in order to match up with her salary. How about females are just paid more? There’s a novel concept.

Melissa McCarthy, who made $33 million in 2016, only made $18 million in 2017. If only Sean Spicer lasted a bit longer.

Maybe numbers were down across the board? I guess there’s no way of knowing until the male numbers come out. The Rock topped last year’s list with $64.5 million. Based on the top female earnings being down 56%, if the highest male number is over $36 million, we’re going to have a lot of outraged women.

Here’s the full list:

The 10 highest-paid actresses of 2017:
1. Emma Stone ($26 million)
2. Jennifer Aniston ($25.5 million)
3. Jennifer Lawrence ($24 million)
4. Melissa McCarthy ($18 million)
5. Mila Kunis ($15.5 million)
6. Emma Watson ($14 million)
7. Charlize Theron ($14 million)
8. Cate Blanchett ($12 million)
9. Julia Roberts ($12 million)
10. Amy Adams ($11.5 million)

MILA KUNIS?!?! Those Family Guy and That 70’s Show royalties must pay well because I can’t name you a single Mila Kunis project since Black Swan.

Altogether, the top ten highest-paid females in 2017 made $172.5 million. Meanwhile, Floyd Mayweather will earn $300 million for a maximum 36 minutes of work against a guy with no experience. We’re all in the wrong industry.

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