Oh Great, Khloe Kardashian Is Pregnant Too

Kris Jenner is an idiot, more on that in a second. Today comes news that Khloe Kardashian is pregnant. This is a couple of days after Kylie Jenner revealed her pregnancy with Travis Scott.

Khloe’s baby daddy is supposedly Tristan Thompson. Does anyone else wonder if he got paid to impregnate Khloe? I do. At the same time, Khloe is supposedly so in love with Tristan that she foots a lot of his bills. Even though he’s a multi-million dollar basketball player. So, she probably wanted his baby too.

TMZ says Khloe is three months pregnant. Unlike Kim Kardashian, Khloe conceived hers naturally. As naturally as you can expect three pregnancies to happen to a reality star family that needs news like this to stay relevant.

What’s idiotic is that Kris Jenner probably wanted this to happen. Three pregnancies, all at the same time, even though none of the women like the guy they’re with. From Blind Gossip:

We told you a couple of years ago that this mother’s dream publicity scenario was to have three pregnancies at once in her family. She just could not get three of her kids to do this at the same time! The fact that not a single member of the family is happily married does not matter to her. She NEVER gave up on this story line, and has been pushing for it ever since.

She’s now got two. We’re waiting for that third shoe to drop!

And now Kris Jenner has her beloved story line. She sold out her kids and now will use her upcoming grandchildren to maintain her fame. I feel sorry for Khloe, Kim and Kylie. Kris doesn’t care about anything but staying famous, staying on TV, making money selling out her family because she can’t do anything else.

She should go all out and recruit O.J. Simpson once he gets paroled. Bring “Uncle O.J.” back into the mix, put him on whatever reality show Kris will dream up for her three pregnant cash cows and cash in.

Who says the American Dream is dead??

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