Marilyn Manson and Justin Bieber Have Apparently Kissed and Made Up

It appears that Marilyn Manson and Justin Bieber are friends again, so Feud will have to find a new subject for season 3. Maybe they can do Justin Bieber and good music. Manson put the whole thing to rest when he went on Howard Stern’s show Tuesday and let Howard read his texts with Bieber.

Apparently, we were just blowing things out of proportion when we reported on it. But I have to tell you, Manson still sounds like he’s annoyed with Bieber and wants the whole thing to be over. He told Stern “I said you were just being you, which could mean he was being an asshole,” which is not exactly a ringing endorsement. He went on to say “He sassed me and he apologized, and said I wasn’t going to s**t-talk him, so I’m not going to s**t-talk him.”

Honestly, I’m assuming Manson wants to be done talking to or about Justin Bieber. He seems tired of the whole thing, and who wants to have to deal with a million texts from Justin Bieber? When Howard asked Manson if he thought Bieber was an asshole, Manson said “That’s up for him to decide,” which is the sort of non-answer you give your best friend when they ask if you enjoyed their one-man show.

Bieber has apparently grown up enough to realize that it might be best for his career if everyone in the world doesn’t think he’s an asshole. I mean, clearly, pretty much everyone does, but he at least knows enough to mend fences and not make things worse. Hopefully now we can all go back to forgetting he exists until then next time he does something really stupid like running over a paparazzo.

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