Tori Spelling’s Breakdown Somehow Not Caused By Stress of Being the Least Successful Actor on a Show Her Father Owned

We told you yesterday that Tori Spelling was in the midst of a breakdown, though I don’t know how you’d distinguish that from her normal behavior. The night before she had called police because she thought someone had broken into her house when her husband came home, and apparently fighting with him made her go all the way crazy, according to Entertainment Tonight.

“There are several things that led up to this, and she really couldn’t take the pressure any longer,” the source says of the 44-year-old actress. “Tori tries to be the best mom she can be, but with five children and terrible financial issues, her marriage has suffered tremendously.”

Spelling and her husband, 51-year-old Dean McDermott, have also been at odds, fighting over money and the kids, the source claims. According to the source, McDermott had actually left the house for a couple of days for a break, which is why when he came home on Wednesday night, Spelling thought there was a break-in.

I guess that’s a bit more reasonable, but most burglars don’t have a front door key.

The source says Tori is simply “so overwhelmed.”

“She spent weeks at home alone with her family,” the source says. “She has not been active on her social media and also stopped talking to almost all her friends.”

However, the source says that Spelling is currently “listening to everyone and has calmed down.”

“I think she knows it’s time for a change,” the source notes.

You’d think she’d be more successful. I mean, look at what the other actors on Beverly Hills, 90210 have gone on to do. There was… hunh… this is kind of hard. Oh, Luke Perry is in Riverdale, tens of people watch that show! And Gabrielle Carteris was “Additional Voices” in Avatar: The Last Airbender, that’s not nothing. Jennie Garth got to be the second fiddle to Amanda Bynes on a TV show for like, four years, and then had an uncredited cameo on Community. That’s something Tori Spelling could do, be an extra. She is definitely qualified to stand in the background of a TV show and not talk.

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