Elizabeth Hurley Is Clearly Angling for a Role on ‘Game of Thrones’ in These Sexy Pictures With Her Son and Nephew

Someone needs to tell Elizabeth Hurley that Game of Thrones is filming its final season and all the roles have been cast. Then again, there’s supposed to be like, a dozen spin-offs that are sure to be just as incesty as the original, if not more. And Liz already appears to be angling for a role by showing off how comfortable she is with creepy incest vibes.

A few weeks ago, her nephew Miles was stabbed and he spent Easter recovering in the hospital and Hurley spent the day with him. But for some reason she decided to share this picture of the two of them together on Twitter which looks at least pre-coital, if not post-coital.

That is, thankfully, no face any aunt of mine has ever made around me. This is the tweet she made just before that one, if you’re curious. It’s crazy how she never seems to age.

Anyway, here’s the photo Hurley shared of her and her son at his 16th birthday party.

I’m honestly more interested in what he’s wearing than Hurley walking around with her jugs spilling out in front of her son. Is that a smoking jacket with some Ukiyo-e design screen printed on it? What kind of 16-year-old walks around in public like Hugh Hefner showing off his mom’s huge tits?

Happy Christmas from the Hurleys xxxx

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That’s their Christmas picture.


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What is going on here?

candid reptile arms

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“Oh, just checking out my mom’s ass, what are you guys up to?”

#AnAmericanInParis opening night with @realmrvalentino and @privategg thank you x

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Okay, she has her hand in his pocket and his hand is on the small of her back. I started this “Liz Hurley’s weird incest thing” as a joke, but now I’m getting a serious Targaryen vibe from them. I’m out.

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