Lil Tay’s Mom Fired for Having Lil Tay for a Daughter

Have you heard of Lil Tay? Yeah, neither have I, but she’s got nearly two million followers on Instagram, which isn’t bad for a nine-year-old. I could, however, live a long, happy life without ever having to see another one of these somehow internet-famous toddlers act like they’re about to film a rap video.

I mean, it’s kind of funny when a little kid swears, I get that. But why would you ever follow her on Instagram? Who needs to see a little kid throwing around money that isn’t even theirs? What jackass thought making these little hobbit morons was a good idea?

Of course Jake fucking Paul is involved. He’s always there when one of these tiny morons shows up.

Could this be more obviously staged? That’s her dad, right? Are we supposed to believe this? “Oh, I’m just going to stand here with a cake until someone rides by on a scooter and then hit them with it, that’s believable”.

However, in a turn that gives me some amount of hope for humanity, Lil Tay’s mother, Angela Tian, was fired from her job as a realtor with Pacific Place Group because of Lil Tay’s antics.

“When we found out about this activity last week we had to dismiss her,” Jim Lew, director of business development for Pacific Place Group, told Daily Hive via email.

“There is no place for this sort of activity in our industry. Angela has only been a realtor with our brokerage firm for only six months.”

It turns out the whole “look at how rich I am” crap was, as everyone guessed, fake. Her mom just filmed her in places she was showing for sale, and the stacks of cash she’s always holding appear to be a real hundred dollar bill on top of a bunch of fake $20s.

In true Hollywood fashion, her home in the Hollywood Hills is actually in Vancouver. I guess maybe they have tax credits for social media dumbasses and not just TV shows on the CW.

Oh yeah, that’s Jake Paul hanging out with a nine-year-old girl while not wearing pants. Seems like a good idea.

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