Johnny Depp Is Being Sued for Punching a Crew Member Nicknamed Rocky

Johnny Depp might have some anger issues. I mean, we’ve all heard the allegations that he was abusive to his ex-wife Amber Heard, herself an alleged domestic abuser, right? Well, Depp got into an incident with the location manager of Depp’s upcoming film City of Lies and now Greg “Rocky” Brooks is suing Depp for punching him in ribs.

Brooks alleges that in April 2017, when the film was shooting under the title Labyrinth in and around the Barclay Hotel in downtown LA, he informed the director Brad Furman that an upcoming take featuring Depp would have to be the last outdoor shot of the night because of legal permits.

The lawsuit says Furman forced Brooks to go beyond his duties and tell Depp himself that shooting had to end. Brooks said he was seeking out the off-duty sheriff’s deputy serving as set security when Depp found him first.

Brooks said Depp smelled of alcohol and appeared intoxicated as he shouted obscenities then “angrily and forcefully” punched Brooks twice in the rib cage.

Depp then yelled “I will give you one hundred thousand dollars to punch me in the face right now!” at Brooks when he showed little reaction, according to the lawsuit, before the actor’s bodyguards pulled him away.

Brooks said he returned to work the following Monday and was asked by a producer to write and sign a declaration saying he wouldn’t sue over the incident. Brooks says he was fired on the spot when he refused.

Johnny Depp kind of strikes me as a bit of a wuss. I’m pretty sure I could take him in a fight, he’s in his 50s and he’s never looked particularly tough to begin with. Remember when we saw a picture of him without make-up on and thought he was dying? This is not a dude to be afraid of.

Regardless of the fact that Johnny Depp appears to be every bit as physically threatening as present-day Muhammad Ali, Brooks is suing him for causing him physical pain, as well as humiliation, mental pain and wrongful termination. The wrongful termination part seems a lot more believable than being physically injured by Johnny Depp.

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