Meghan Markle’s Sister Called Chrissy Teigen a ‘Pudgy Airhead’

Meghan Markle’s dad has been hitting the interview trail and telling anyone who will listen that the Royal Family has broken up his family, turning his daughter against him. He also said she looks unhappy being a princess, which as anyone who watches Disney movies can tell you is insane; it’s only women who are born princesses who are unhappy with their position, the women who marry princes live happily ever after. Duh.

Chrissy Teigen, Queen of Twitter and Minor Outlying Areas, saw Thomas Markle’s press tour and said he sucks, which… is looking truer the longer he’s in the news. I get that he misses his daughter and when you’re fighting with The Queen of England it’s easy to get paid to show up in the papers. If he really wants to reconcile with his daughter, however, he knows everyone is mad about him profiting of her being a royal, so he should know profiting further will only make things worse.

I find it very hard to believe Markle is making a good-faith effort to make nice with his daughter rather than making an effort to cash in for every cent he can get.

The rest of Markle’s family is also famously… is “trailer-parkey” a word? It should be if it isn’t. Markle’s sister Samantha wasn’t too happy about Teigen slagging off her dad, so she bravely tweeted at her about it from her protected Twitter account.

Markle called Teigen “Tiegen” and also a “pudgy airhead,” Something I’m not sure is going to stick to Teigen but would be in at least 500 Twitter handles within 20 minutes if Donald Trump had said it about Kim Jong-Un. Personally, I think Teigen looks pretty good for someone who just had two kids.

She even looks pretty good pregnant which isn’t as easy as your husband makes it seem; he just doesn’t want to set you off if ever you threw a candlestick through the TV because you thought the light it was giving off made you look fat.

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Willa Bridges
Willa Bridges
3 years ago

Samantha hides behind a protected Twitter account and trashes all who dare disagree with her. She knows very little about Meghan herself since she hasn’t seen or spoken to her in decades. Pot calling kettle when she swats out at Chrissy. And as for being a pudgy airhead, take a good look in the mirror Samantha, you’re well past your use by date.

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