Jake Paul’s Model Fling Nikki Banner Talks About What Spending the Weekend With Jake Paul Is Like

I’m pretty sure Jake Paul is the worst person in the world. I haven’t done the math, but just on my gut, it feels right. His neighbors hate him and he’s self-important to an insane degree for someone who got famous lighting his farts on fire on YouTube. (Note: I have no idea why Jake Paul is actually famous).

Jake recently broke up with his girlfriend, who started out as his fake girlfriend, and people on the internet who haven’t started puberty yet have very strong opinions on it. Mostly, they’re very angry and taking their anger out on one of the girls Jake hooked up with after they broke up. She told The Daily Dot she is being “slut-shamed” by a “toxic fandom,” which is basically the only kind of fandom.

Real quick, for all the Jake Paul fans who found this page through a Google alert: don’t slut-shame women. I don’t even know what your problem with sluts is. No one ever bought a ticket to see someone play the piano for the first time. The only people who want you to think having a lot of sex is wrong are the people who couldn’t get laid in high school and don’t want anyone else to have any fun, either.

Now let’s hear about what kind of guy Jake Paul is.

Banner said she went camping with Paul on Oct. 26; while she says she did “hook up” with him the first night she was with him, the next day he was texting other girls, including the model Joy Corrigan. Banner said he even asked her if he should hook up with Corrigan.

He also mentioned wanting to mend things with Costell, which Banner said she encouraged him to do.

Yeah, that sounds about right. Does it get any more Jake Paul than that?

Banner further says that Paul ignored her during the second day of their camping trip, which she says she spent in an RV four hours from the Mexican border. At one point, she said, the group ran out of water.

I can’t blame her for going. If you told me I might have the opportunity to watch Jake Paul dehydrate to death in the desert, I’d go, too.

So who is this mysterious Instagram model that Jake Paul hooked up with after breaking up with his fake-then-not-fake girlfriend?

She can do way better than Jake Paul.

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