Wendy Williams Thinks Chris Brown is Past Beating Up Rihanna

Earlier this week, we found out that the abusive Chris Brown has been stalking Rihanna’s Instagram. And fans were pissed as f**k. Well, everyone’s collective blood pressure is about sky rocket now that Wendy Williams has decided to add her two cents regarding the Chris Brown-Rihanna debacle.

“There are people that can’t go back and be friends with their exes after they’ve damaged their face and you know… She came back lovely. I think that she can handle it because honestly, I think Rihanna is grown now in so many ways — business, the way she conducts her personal life.”

“I am trying to break it down like a mature woman, because I do like them being friends. It is a tough business, you know, and you need a good friend.”

Yeah, Wendy, no one believes that Chris Brown qualifies as “a good friend.” To anyone. The consensus is that when a guy smashes his girlfriend’s head into a car window and sends her to the hospital, that is not a healthy indication that this same person is going to be “a good friend.”

Williams was quick to add that while she is not in favor of the two getting back together, she does believe that Chris Brown has grown since the time of the assault.

Wendy, I do not care if you still don’t want them to date. Encouraging any type of relationship with a known violent deviant is garbage advice. Common sense says not to pursue a relationship with anyone who punches you right in the face. Quit being a fucking enabler, Wendy Williams. Christ, you would be the worst domestic violence counselor ever.

And seriously, Wendy? You think Chris Brown has grown? I would say that Chris Brown’s criminal record since that altercation would contradict that statement. This guy’s list of legal problems is longer than the average CVS receipt. Unless you mean that Brown has grown into a even bigger shithead in the last decade, than yes, I would agree that he has succeeded commendably in that area.

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