Justin Bieber Got a Face Tattoo to Match Everything Else Wrong With Justin Bieber

Just when I was thinking there might be someone in the world worse than Justin Bieber, the little Cannucklehead went and got a face tattoo. Bieber apparently got the tattoo a while ago, but it’s so small no one could make it out until the tattoo artist posted a picture on his Instagram.

It says “Grace” because that’s the name of the lady who grew that mustache. I mean, not really, it’s probably some religious thing now that he’s super Christian. It’s likely meant to ward off Marilyn Manson so his ass remains unkicked.

How bad do you have to suck to get a face tattoo and still have your mustache be the dumbest thing on your face? Seriously, he’s like the pumpkin spice latte of people. He shows up about once a year, no one can stop talking about him and then five minutes later you’re sick of him.

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