Marilyn Manson Still Hates Justin Bieber, Calls Him a ‘Girl’ With ‘The Mind of a Squirrel’

Milana Vayntrub, the smoking hot AT&T Wireless spokesperson, is playing Squirrel Girl in the upcoming Marvel Studios comedy New Warriors, but Marilyn Manson seems to think Justin Bieber would have been a good choice for the role. Manson said, in an interview with Cindy Scully, that Bieber had “the mind of a squirrel” and that he isn’t fighting with Bieber because he doesn’t “fight with girls”.

This whole Bieber and Manson saga has been so much fun to watch that I’m not surprised Scully brought it up. You know this started with Bieber making a Manson/Bieber mash-up shirt and telling Manson “I made you relevant again.” Interviewer Scully called Bieber an “arrogant little fuckface” after telling Manson “I still think you should go kick Justin Bieber’s ass, who the f**k does that guy think he is?” Manson replied to that by saying Bieber is “in some sort of sexual religious cult with an Asian version of Dave Navarro,” apparently a reference to Bieber’s involvement with the Hillside Church.

Okay, that tweet is like, three years old and I have no context for it at all, but I like to imagine Manson’s joke somehow broke the space-time continuum and cracked Dave Navarro up.

It had seemed like Manson had buried the hatchet with Bieber after an appearance on Howard Stern. Manson may not be actively mad at Bieber anymore, but he sure doesn’t seem to have any respect for him, saying he didn’t know what Bieber was thinking making those Manson shirts because “I don’t know how to use the mind of a squirrel.” Then again, does anyone have any respect for Justin Bieber? Even Canada is just like “Nah, we’re good, we’ve got Bryan Adams, eh.”

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