Lindsay Lohan Explains Her Weird Pseudo-European Accent

It’s been pretty well documented that Lindsay Lohan has given herself an accent makeover within the last few years. Since moving to Europe, the Long Island-born Lindsay has been speaking with a non-descript, faux-European accent. Here’s a video clip from Entertainment Tonight comparing her old voice and her new voice:

Is it just me or does it Lindsay sounds like she’s trying out for one of those Hallmark Movie Channel royalty romances from a made-up European country?

Currently, Lohan has been making the media rounds to promote her horror of a reality show Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club (not kidding, it really is a trainwreck according to reviews).

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Lohan tried to explain where her new accent is coming from:

“I think when I’m around certain dialects it changes each time … and you just pick things up along the way.”

Yeah, I call bullshit. I’ve known people who speak multiple languages and have lived in other countries. If they pick up any sort slight accent that’s different from their native one, it’s fairly subtle. What Lindsay has going on here sounds pretty forced and pretentious. Which is not very surprising since no one has ever accused Lindsay Lohan of being subtle.

Also, her accent definitely isn’t consistent. Just listen to her MTV promo:

Yes, that’s it. That’s the natural accent I would expect from Lohan, a North American New York accent combined with a daily two-pack of unfiltered cigarettes. Not this weird linguistical kitchen sink of Irish-English-Russian-Arabic-Turkish-whatever the f**k else she has going on.

For actresses, I can understand the need to learn and adapt accents, but usually, it’s when they’re preparing for an actual role. Unfortunately, Lohan has not acted in years and probably won’t be any time in the near future.

She’s had a rough life with having shitty parents, being a child star, and contending with the media and paparazzi, but she’s definitely burned a lot of bridges in the acting world along the way. Reality TV is among her very limited on-screen options right now since this is the environment that thrives on drama and salaciousness. Whether that’s going to be the right environment for her, in the long run, will remain to be seen.

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