Jussie Smollett is Being Sued by the Guys Who ‘Attacked’ Him


Man, remember Jussie Smollett? He used to be on that show Empire and then everyone loved him, then everyone hated him, and now the rest of the Empire cast and crew doesn’t know to feel but most people still hate him? Well he’s back in the news.

Anyone that didn’t watch Empire probably first heard of Smollett when he was hate crimed by two guys in Donald Trump hats. It turns out these two guys were Nigerian (Smollett told police they were white) and on Jussie’s payroll. Pretty much everyone came to the conclusion that Smollett was lying, but he stuck to his story through thick and thin.

Well, now he’s being sued for it. Again. Smollett is already being sued by the city of Chicago to recoup the costs of investigating the (alleged) hoax. I didn’t report on that because Lori Loughlin came along and sucked all the rich people doing dumb bullshit air out of the room and I was tired of talking about Jussie. But now he’s being sued by the two guys he (allegedly, he seems litigious and he’s going to need the money) paid to pretend to attack him, as reported by the AP.

Abimbola “Abel” Osundairo and Olabinjo “Ola” Osundairo said in a joint statement issued after their lawsuit was filed in federal court in Chicago that Smollett’s legal team has spread false accusations that have hurt their reputations and undermined their career prospects.

In their lawsuit , the Osundairos contend that even after prosecutors dropped the charges against Smollett while simultaneously saying they could prove the attack was a hoax, Smollett’s attorneys kept saying in interviews that the Chicago-born brothers “led a criminally homophobic, racist and violent attack against Mr. Smollett.”

I am so here for this. Jussie Smollett continuing to insist he was the victim of a hate crime after he got the charges dropped was basically like calling me an idiot to my face. It was the same as saying all the characters who died in Avengers: Infinity War were going to stay dead. No one believed it for a second, and he’s out there going “Well, maybe those large Nigerian men who I knew personally painted their faces white and hate crimed me for some unknown reason.”

Which is not to say I think Smollett should have gone to jail over this. Like Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, he should get a fine and a slap on the wrist and some community service and be on his way. Smollett’s crime was actually worse, he (allegedly) wasted a lot of man-hours the police could have used to solve crimes of the non-imaginary variety. I mean, they wouldn’t have, they just would have harassed black teenagers who may have had a small amount of pot, ut they could have been solving crimes.

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