Lena Dunham Got the Word ‘Sick’ Tattooed on Her Neck, Apparently in Solidarity With People Who Saw Her Naked in ‘Girls’

You know what’s always an awesome idea? Getting a neck tattoo. That is something you will never regret. It will never go out of style and no one will ever think you’re a serial killer when they see it.

Following this good advice I just gave, Lena Dunham, known for making good choices, got the word ‘sick’ tattooed on her neck.

That’s the thing Lena Dunham is most afraid of being called? She’s clearly never googled the words ‘Lena Dunham.’ I would put ‘Lena Dunham’ way higher on my list than ‘sick.’ How about ‘that chick who got owned by Norm MacDonald. No, not Courtney Thorne-Smith, the fat one.”

I feel like there’s probably something else I wouldn’t want people calling me if I was Lena Dunham but I just can’t put my finger on it, probably because I’m not Lena Dunham and it’s not my younger sister’s vagina.

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