Logan Paul May Have A Stalker, But He’s Still Terrible

Logan Paul really has it in for suicide victims. The first time anyone over the age of 15 heard of Logan it was because he went into the Aokigahara Forest and filmed a the dead body of a suicide victim. Now he’s been taking money away from suicide prevention charities. Accidentally. Or so he says.

See, it started because he and KSI, another YouTuber, hate each other. I’m not sure if this is real or some weird YouTube drama kayfabe but they did have a super disappointing boxing match once.

So here’s what happened. KSI made a video about how you shouldn’t kill yourself. Pretty good message. He said he would give all the money the video made to suicide prevention charities. Then Logan Paul made a copyright claim on the video.

Logan’s response was pretty charming. What he said was “HAHAHA F**K U PUSSY”. I have no idea why he would delete that.

He later said he didn’t realize the money was going to suicide prevention when he said it.

While that was going on, though, TMZ reported that someone had been trespassing on Paul’s property on more than one occasion.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … a man showed up unannounced at Logan’s home in Encino on Sunday afternoon and again on Monday night, trying to enter the property on both occasions and prompting Logan to call the cops.

We’re told police took a report for trespassing, and now they’re investigating who the suspicious person was who showed up.

So what’s up? Does Logan Paul have a stalker? Is it just someone trying to pull off the world’s largest Axe body spray heist? Massengill trying to quietly collect the giant talking douche that escaped from their lab?

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